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Interest Rate on Loan Against Gold

Gold loan interest rates at Muthoot FinCorp have been designed to offer a comfortable loan experience to every borrower. Our interest rates, starting at 9.95% p.a., are decided as per the required loan amount and the chosen gold loan scheme.

How is Interest Rate Calculated on Gold Loan?

Muthoot FinCorp decides individual interest rates for every individual loan, depending upon your region and requirement. Choose from the most attractive Gold Loan schemes in the market, starting from 12% per annum. A simple interest method is applied to calculate the interest on the gold loan.

For example, an interest of 12% for one year for a principal amount of Rs 1,00,000 will be Rs 12,000.

Interest Rates On Different Gold Loan Schemes by Muthoot Fincorp.

Here’s a table explaining Muthoot FinCorp’s interest rates for the various Gold Loan schemes:

Name of Gold Loan Scheme

Interest Rate

Loan Amount


RestartIndia Pradhan Gold loan

11.99% p.a

Minimum Rs.5 lakh

12 Months

Easy Pro

18% p.a

Rs.3 lakh to Rs.499999

12 Months

Easy Max

21% p.a

Rs.1 lakh to Rs.299999

12 Months

Super Value Gold Loan

23% p.a

Applicable through all ticket sizes

12 Months

Easy Blue

18% p.a

Upto Rs.99,999

12 Months

Easy Scale Up

10.95% p.a

Minimum Rs 8 Lakh

12 Months

What are the Additional Benefits of Gold Loan Interest Rate at Muthoot FinCorp?

Muthoot FinCorp’s Gold Loans come with a host of benefits. With Muthoot FinCorp’s Gold Loan, you get:

  • Affordable Gold Loan Interest Rates: Muthoot FinCorp extends support to borrowers by offering affordable interest rates. Borrowers can avail gold loans with interest rates starting from 9.95% per annum.
  • Best Value of Your Gold: Get the maximum permissible value of your gold based on the chosen Gold Loan scheme.
  • Maximum Security: Muthoot FinCorp keep’s your gold in a fully-owned premium facility with maximum security, instead of a third-party locker, until you take them home.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: All Gold Loan schemes cater to your requirements with specificity. Every gold loan applicant benefits from the convenience of application and flexibility of repayments.

The final interest rate on the gold loan will be decided by Muthoot FinCorp.

Factors Affecting Gold Loan Interest Rates

Muthoot FinCorp offers the lowest gold loan interest rates in the market. Here are the factors that affect the interest rate on your gold loan:

Loan Amount: Your loan amount decides the interest rate on your gold loan. A higher loan amount will incur a higher interest rate and vice versa. Always keep in mind to check the required loan amount, and compare all available schemes before choosing the gold loan interest rates.

Gold Loan Scheme: Muthoot FinCorp offers various gold loan schemes to suit the needs of every customer. These gold loan schemes come with varying interest rates, loan amounts and tenure options. You can choose the combination which suits you best, and avail the interest rate applicable on the chosen scheme.


For a quicker process, the applicant can visit the nearest Muthoot FinCorp branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

The rate of interest is calculated based on the chosen scheme, the value of gold and the eligibility.

You can also visit the nearest Muthoot FinCorp branch to find out the interest rate applicable based on the chosen gold loan scheme.

Muthoot FinCorp’s Gold Loan Interest Rate is decided by factoring in the following:

  • The region where you are availing the gold loan
  • The amount of loan requested against the gold

You can visit the nearest Muthoot FinCorp branch or call us at 1800 102 1616 for more information

Compare the interest rates of our various gold loan schemes using the Muthoot Gold Loan Calculator. Upon furnishing basic information, the calculator populates a comprehensive table. This table displays the tenure and interest rates offered by our schemes. Compare the interest rates and choose the scheme with offers the lowest gold loan interest rate.


Muthoot FinCorp levies a minimal Processing Fee starting from Rs 25 to 0.3% of the loan amount, based on loan amount / schemes.

Gold loan interest rates depend on the purity of the gold to be pledged by the applicant, the region where the loan is availed, and the loan requirement.

The interest on the gold loan is calculated using the simple interest method. The interest amount computed on the principal of INR 1,00,000 will be INR 12,000 based on the simple interest calculation method. Simply deduct the interest from the principal amount to know the outstanding loan amount.

Loan applicants can use a gold loan interest rate calculator to estimate the interest rate and know their EMIs.

Muthoot FinCorp offers various loan schemes to benefit clients with the lowest interest rate on gold loans. The applicants can choose a gold loan scheme as per the loan requirement. A gold loan applicant can avail of the minimum gold loan amount of INR 1,000. The loan amount can go as high as INR 50 Lakhs with the best value of your gold against several gold loan schemes.

Muthoot FinCorp’s gold loan interest rate is determined by considering various factors, including the required loan amount, the applicant’s suitability of the loan tenure, and the gold value to be pledged against the loan. The gold loan seekers can check the current gold loan interest rate here or visit the nearest branch.

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