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Gold Loan Interest Rate – ‘Mera Gold Loan, Mera Interest’ with Virat Kohli

  • Gold loans are a form of secured loans given against gold assets and jewellery. A gold loan proves to be a quick and instant solution to any cash crunch or financial situation you are facing. This includes business investments, medical emergencies, weddings, education, and travel plans. Muthoot FinCorp offers some of the best gold loan schemes in the market. 

    Muthoot FinCorp – ‘Mera Gold Loan, Mera Interest’ with Virat Kohli

    Muthoot FinCorp is one of India’s leading NBFCs providing gold loans today. You don’t need credit checks or proof of income to get the loan approved. What’s more, you also get faster processing and approvals for your gold loan as well as flexible terms of repayment. All you need to do is walk into a Muthoot FinCorp branch near you, pledge your gold and provide documentation for KYC. You can walk out of the branch with your loan amount on your first visit itself. 

    Key Features of Muthoot FinCorp Gold Loan:

    • You can get as many loans as you want from Muthoot FinCorp. 
    • Any jewellery you pledge as collateral is securely stored in our vaults.
    • The loan amount is disbursed to you in under 10 minutes*.
    • You get fast approvals for gold loans, with minimal documentation, and affordable gold loan interest rate, and nominal processing fees. 

    Calculating Your Gold Loan Interest Rate:

    The interest rates charged on gold loans at Muthoot FinCorp have been created to ensure a smooth and hassle-free loan experience for its borrowers. The interest rates start as low as 11.99% per annum* and vary based on the amount of money you choose to borrow and the gold loan scheme you choose. 

    Interest Rates on All Muthoot FinCorp Gold Loan Schemes:

    There are several gold loan schemes for you to choose from based on your needs. Keep in mind that the loan amount you are allowed is about 75% of the value of the gold you are pledging. 

    Name of Gold Loan Scheme Interest Rate Loan Amount Tenure
    RestartIndia Pradhan Gold loan 11.99% p.a Minimum Rs.5 lakh 6 Months
    Muthoot Easy Pro 18% p.a Rs.3 lakh to Rs.499999 9 Months
    Muthoot Easy Max 21% p.a Rs.1 lakh to Rs.299999 9 Months
    Super Value Gold Loan 23% p.a Applicable through all ticket sizes 9 Months
    Muthoot Easy Blue 18% p.a Upto Rs. 1 Lakh 9 Months

    Benefits of the Muthoot FinCorp Gold Loan Interest Rate:

    There are several benefits of choosing Muthoot FinCorp for your gold loan requirements.

    1. Affordable rates of interest: Muthoot FinCorp helps borrowers meet their financial needs through instant gold loans and affordable interest rates. As a borrower, you can get a gold loan with interests as low as 12% per annum. 
    2. Best gold valuation: Get the highest possible value for your gold based on the gold loan scheme you choose. 
    3. Highest security for assets: Muthoot FinCorp ensures your gold is kept safe in our premium fully-owned maximum security facility and not in a third-party locker. 
    4. Flexibility and convenience: Every gold loan scheme is designed to meet your unique requirements. Every applicant for a Muthoot FinCorp gold loan gets the benefit of convenience while applying and flexibility while repaying the loan. 

    Factors Affecting the Gold Loan Interest Rate:

    Muthoot FinCorp provides the lowest interest rates of gold loans in the market today. However, there are several factors affecting the final interest rate that you are charged.

    1. Loan amount: The amount of gold you pledge and its value determines the rate of interest that will apply. A higher loan amount will always come with a higher rate of interest while a lower amount will accumulate a lower rate of interest. Make sure you check the loan amount you require and compare the schemes available before you choose the right scheme.
    2. Gold loan scheme: Each of the schemes that Muthoot FinCorp provides varies in terms of their interest rate and the amount. Choose the gold loan scheme that works best for you and the applicable rate of interest will apply to it. 

    To know more or to apply for a gold loan, contact our team of experts today. 

    Disclaimer: These details are as per the update on 26th April 2022. Any changes may happen in schemes depending upon the date you are reading this blog.

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