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Gold Loan Calculator

  • Quick & accurate results for loan against gold Jewelry
  • Choose a comfortable loan tenure
  • Get prior knowledge of monthly EMI values
  • Manage your monthly expenses

Muthoot Gold Loan calculator is free and easy to use which is designed to help find out your Gold Loan eligibility, and the loan amount you can get against your gold. Plus, it will give you an idea of the applicable interest rates and the number of installments to be paid towards the loan.

The Gold Loan interest rate calculator offers accurate information on all aspects of the gold loan, helping you to make informed decisions.

The gold loan calculator is a free tool, available on Muthoot FinCorp’s website, that helps determine the amount of loan you can borrow against the gold you want to pledge. The amount of the loan will be calculated based on the weight and karat of the gold. Its key benefits are:

  • It’s simple & easy to use
  • It is free and available 24×7
  • It saves you from the trouble of making cumbersome, error-prone calculations
  • It uses the latest price of gold in the math and gives you an immediate answer
  • Use it from your own home without needing to carry your valuables outside

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Gold Loan Calculator

Gold Loan Rate per Gram valuation at Muthoot FinCorp

Muthoot Gold Loan interest calculator helps you know how much loan your gold jewellery can fetch. The sanctioned loan value depends on the purity of your gold jewellery and the existing gold prices adjusted for the loan to value ratio. The higher the purity levels, the higher will be the loan value. To determine the Muthoot gold loan rate per gram today, we employ in-house valuers that weigh the pledged jewellery & evaluate its purity, right in front of you and provide the estimate in writing. In line with the RBI directives, we use the average price of 22-carat gold in the previous 30 days.

Formula for Gold Loan Interest Calculator

The Gold Loan interest rate calculator employs a mathematical formula to determine the interest rates you’ll be paying on the loan against gold. It gives you the offered rate of interest and loan tenure. Muthoot Gold Loan calculator makes it easy and quick for you to get the required gold for your loan amount.

How to use Muthoot Gold Loan Calculator?

Using the Muthoot Gold Loan EMI calculator is easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Locate the Muthoot Gold Loan calculator on our website
  • Enter the required loan amount
  • Select your residential state

Once the required details are submitted, the Gold Loan EMI calculator will instantly populate a table displaying the interest rate and tenure, as per various schemes. You can select your desired scheme by understanding its EMIs through our calculator and visiting the nearest Muthoot FinCorp branch for low-interest Gold Loans. We guarantee fast approvals and disbursals.

Benefit of Using Gold Loan Calculator

Here are a few advantages to using an online gold loan calculator:

  • It has been designed for an intuitive and user-friendly experience. You get results within a few clicks.
  • The gold loan calculator factors the interest rate and allows you to identify the best scheme and payment plan for you.
  • It saves you from the trouble of making tedious manual calculations in figuring out your loan amount eligibility.
  • It’s a fast and convenient alternative to visiting the branch to conduct the calculations.
  • The gold loan calculator uses the latest gold prices to give you a more accurate idea about how much loan you could apply for.

A gold loan from Muthoot FinCorp is the easiest loan to obtain in an emergency. The gold loan amount eligibility is determined by the weight and the karat of the gold you are willing to pledge. A gold loan interest rate calculator helps you quickly ascertain how much you can borrow, the suitable schemes and its interest rates.

Why Do People Prefer Gold Loan Calculator

Gold loan Calculators are a boon to customers looking for information before applying for a gold loan. People have been increasingly using Gold Loan Calculators because:

  • It helps them plan their finances with ease
  • Customers can understand which gold loan scheme suits them best
  • It is free and available 24×7 on Muthoot FinCorp’s website
  • It has been designed to offer a comfortable loan application experience to each borrower

Frequently Asked Questions

Gold loan interest rate calculator gives you an estimate of the interest rate and tenure you will be eligible based on your loan requirement. With this, you can view the various interest rate and tenure on the EMIs, and choose the combination you would be able to repay with ease. Use our gold loan interest calculator as many times as you want to make an informed decision.

Gold loan interest rate calculator estimates the rate based on multiple criteria. These include:

  • The region you are based in
  • The amount of loan requested

This will provide you with

  • The tenure options for the loan
  • The interest options for the loan
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