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About the Company

About the Company

Welcome to Muthoot FinCorp Ltd.

The Muthoot Pappachan Group, also popularly known as the Muthoot Blue Group is built on the bedrock of Trust and is shaped by core values of Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence. With the genesis in its Founder, Shri Pappachan Muthoot’s unwavering faith in God’s teachings of love, respect and duty towards humanity and resolute adherence to basic human values & principles, the Group have evolved over the three decades and more into a business conglomerate that has the well-being of the people at the lower levels of socio-economic strata, at the very centre towards empowering the human ambition of these under-served masses in India.

We are one of India’s leading NBFCs. As the flagship company of Muthoot Pappachan Group (also known as Muthoot Blue), we have inherited values & principles and have taken the 134+ years legacy forward to empower millions of Indians in their grit & determination to rise above their ordinariness towards an aureate tomorrow. With over 3600 branches across India, we endeavour to serve over 100,000 customers a day. Including our other Group-companies products, we offer our target customer an extensive array of financial products & services, like Gold Loans, Small Business Loans, Affordable Housing Loans, Two wheeler Loans, Used-car Loans, Domestic Money Transfer, International Remittance, Foreign Exchange, Insurance Products & Services, Wealth Management Services for the common, Affordable Gold Jewlery and more. Each of these branches is like a financial super-market helping our customer in fulfilling most of her requirements under one roof.

Our Values

We will do everything to gain and maintain the Trust of all the stakeholders and will not do anything to lose their trust.

Our Values

Our Mission

To provide timely small credit to millions of ordinary people, and also provide them with simple options to save their hard earnings.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To be the most trusted financial service provider, at the doorstep of the common man, satisfying him immediately with easy and simple products.

Our Vision

Our Subsidiaries

Muthoot Microfin Limited

Muthoot Microfin Limited is one of the leading microfinance institution in India, focussed on providing micro loans to women entrepreneurs, predominantly in rural regions of India. The company follows joint liability group (JLG) model of microfinance. Customers are organized in groups of four to ten women from economically weaker sections of society, living in rural and semi-urban areas or urban slums. The microfinance operations of the company are designed to promote entrepreneurship among women and inclusive growth. The institution provides financial assistance through micro loans such as income generating loans to women engaged in small businesses.

The much awarded company is proud & delighted to be an integral part in empowering entrepreneurial dreams & spirit of close to 2 million women across the country and counting!

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Muthoot Micro Finance
Housing Loan

Muthoot Housing Finance Company Limited

Muthoot Housing Finance Company Ltd. is registered with the National Housing Bank. It fulfils housing finance requirements of customers in the middle and lower income category to make their dream of owning a home come true. The company offers Home Loan products, particularly for affordable housing. It understands the varied needs of our customers and have thus created loans to suit different home requirements. The bouquet of offerings include low ticket loans with an extended repayment period, loans for the purchase of property, house or apartment, loans for home extension, and loans against residential property. Muthoot Housing Finance Company Limited’s long term debts are rated at A-/Stable by the leading rating agency CRISIL

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Muthoot Pappachan Technologies

Muthoot Pappachan Technologies is the technology arm of the Muthoot Blue Group. Headquartered at Technopark in Trivandrum, Kerala, the company is providing the critical IT support to the group companies and equipping the group companies with requisite consultancy, resources, roadmap and technology for efficient running of the business, enhanced productivity, ensuring customer satisfaction and for building the Group and its companies towards a future-ready business. It provides a wide portfolio of products and services which includes, to name some, cloud solutions, technology/ innovation consulting services, product implementation services, application development & maintenance/hosting services, ERP/loan management product implementation, android development, infrastructure management, data warehousing & business intelligence, virtualization & green technologies.

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Muthoot Pappachan Technologies
RestartIndia. An initiative by Muthoot Fincorp & INK.

The goal of the #RestartIndia initiative is to capitalize on the resilience of MSMEs . #RestartIndia is a community guided by mentors but fuelled by you, the people. Ask us your questions, share concerns, talk about challenges! We will join your journey and start guiding you one step at a time. We have a thriving network of more than 25 senior leaders from different industries like education, nano and micro-retail, agriculture, financial services, health and wellness. Our leaders also offer functional expertise in areas like HR, Digital Marketing, Tax, Government Initiatives, and Technology. Restartindia.in is a small step in a long journey in getting India back on track.

Muthoot Blue: Core Philosophy

At the core of Muthoot Blue is its Purpose: Touching the lives of the common man, for their betterment, with reliable and relevant solutions. Indeed leading to our core goal of Empowering Human Ambition.

As the Blue Muthoot, our Brand Promise is: Blue is Belief. The pervasive and encompassing Blue is the colour of the sea and the sky. Its about limitless opportunities to everybody, big or small. It is about limitless & unrestrained aspirations. It is about grit & determination. It is about Belief in the Self, undaunted by the struggles of life.

  • There is so much more to achieve
  • We can truly make a difference
  • We can bring dignity and independence to millions of Indians
  • We indeed aim to empower human ambition

What makes us unique?

Muthoot FinCorp uses gold loans as a mass finance tool, helping customers meet their urgent fund requirements conveniently. We leverage decades of research in rural strongholds to deliver personalised finance and investment options to all ends of the socio-economic scale. The majority of our customers have limited or no access to mainstream banking. This underlines our effort to bring the unbanked populace onboard the banking bandwagon. Our contribution to poverty alleviation and women empowerment has also been significant.

Muthoot FinCorp is achieving steady growth in capacity and capability due to our focus on customer satisfaction. We tailor financial solutions for every need and back them up with efficient, quick and friendly service. In fact, our loaning solutions are regarded as the fastest and least tedious while the investment options offer the best returns. Our focus is on creating financial liberty for masses while staying in line with the statutory and regulatory framework of the Indian finance sector. Plus, we follow the best industry practices to bring in assurance.

Our History

We take our name, Muthoot, from our family, which is a branch of a traditional Orthodox Christian family, based in Kozhencherry, a small town in the erstwhile primary state of Travancore. (Kerala). In the year 1887, Muthoot Ninan Mathai (Patron Founder of the group), started as a retail and wholesale trader of grains at Kozhencherry. The wholesale goods were supplied to the large Estates owned by British Companies. Later, understanding the needs of the estates’ workers and at the request of the British owners, who appreciated the values & principles of Mr. Ninan Mathai, he started a form of Chit Fund. The aim was to provide self-less service for the workers, who were not able to manage their cash and would tend to lose and/or misspend the same. Giving the workers an avenue for saving, provide for exigencies and also secure their tomorrow, Started as a simple solution to the need at that point in time, soon gained momentum and spread across. The business grew slowly but steadily along with its share of ups and downs. Functioning out of a single office in Kozhencherry, Muthoot Ninan Mathai entered the gold loan business in the 1950s. He soon went on to become the largest player in Chits & Gold Loans. Even today, people from across the state are happy to come to Kozhencherry for gold loans & chits. The Late Muthoot Ninan Mathai had four sons, Ninan Mathew, M. George, M. Mathew and Mathew M. Thomas (Muthoot Pappachan) who were involved in the business from their childhood and later took over the family business. In the late 1980s, the business was most amicably split four ways and Shri Muthoot Pappachan founded the Muthoot Pappachan Group.

Over the years, the Muthoot Pappachan Group has grown to become a significant entity in the Indian business landscape. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. True to this adage, the group which planted its roots in retail trading, later diversified and made it’s mark, into various sectors including Financial Services, Hospitality, Automotive, Realty, IT Services, Healthcare, Precious Metals, and Alternate Energy.

Where we stand today

Currently Muthoot Blue has over 26,000 employees, serving around 5 million customers through its 4,200+ branches, other offices and team on the ground, across the country. Our extreme customer-centric approach and innovation in terms of new products that cater to changing customer needs, have helped in winning the loyalty of innumerable customers, as well as in attracting new ones. Adopting the latest technology and new ways to serve customers, without compromising on basic principles and ethics we have been following since our inception, is what drives the Group.

Our focus on Philanthropy remains unchanged

Driven by the values & principles of our kindred Founder, the Group set up the Muthoot Pappachan Foundation (MPF), a Public Charitable Trust – the CSR arm of MPG that has touched thousands of lives through its diverse programs. The CSR initiatives of Muthoot Blue revolve around the theme HEEL, covering Health, Education, Environment and Livelihood.

We have established a business without boundaries, where challenges are considered the stepping-stones to progress. The Muthoot Pappachan Group strives to take the world forward and with perseverance, commitment, and sincerity, and we know, the possibilities are infinite!

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