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Today Gold Rate in Thrissur: Complete Guide

  • Thrissur was earlier known as Trichur. It is the 21st largest city in the country and is the headquarters for the Thrissur district in Kerala.

    Thrissur has been a seat of learning and cultural development throughout Kerala’s history.

    Tourists flock to Thrissur during the famous temple festival of Thrissur Pooram hosted in the city.

    The city is also famous for its silk and gold jewellery. The gold manufactured in the city of Thrissur is sold all over Kerala.

    Like in other parts of India, people in Thrissur are also becoming increasingly aware of using gold for arranging quick liquid money.

    Here is your complete guide to today gold rate in Thrissur and today gold rate Thrissur 1 gram.

    Today Gold Rate in Thrissur 22kt

    Thrissur accounts for almost 70% of the gold manufactured in the state of Kerala. Irrespective of the price of gold, the yellow metal is bought and sold in huge quantities in the city of Thrissur.

    Gold Rate in Thrissur in last 12 months

    Last 12 Months

    Highest Gold price (24 karat)

    Lowest Gold price (24 karat)

    June 2022

    5352₹ Per gram

    5213₹ Per gram

    May 2022

    5284₹ Per gram

    5187₹ Per gram

    April 2022

    5539₹ Per gram

    5319₹ Per gram

    March 2022

    5542₹ Per gram

    5245₹ Per gram

    February 2022

    5392₹ Per gram

    4963₹ Per gram

    January 2022

    5052₹ Per gram

    4909₹ Per gram

    December 2021

    5023₹ Per gram

    4910₹ Per gram

    November 2021

    5112₹ Per gram

    4926₹ Per gram

    October 2021

    4973₹ Per gram

    4792₹ Per gram

    September 2021

    4896₹ Per gram

    4730₹ Per gram

    August 2021

    4986₹ Per gram

    4773₹ Per gram

    July 2021

    4995₹ Per gram

    4925₹ Per gram

    Historical Price of Gold Rate in Thrissur

    There has been a long-standing tradition of investing in Gold in Thrissur. The market price has been affected by several domestic and international factors over the years.

    Last 10 Years

    Highest Gold price (24 karat)

    Lowest Gold price (24 karat)

    Gold Rate in 2021

    5191₹ Per gram

    4632₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2020

    5765₹ Per gram

    4148₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2019

    3965₹ Per gram

    3267₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2018

    3982₹ Per gram

    3034₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2017

    3118₹ Per gram

    2860₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2016

    2525₹ Per gram

    2355₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2015

    2650₹ Per gram

    2510₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2014

    2800₹ Per gram

    2735₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2013

    2900₹ Per gram

    2850₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2012

    2640₹ Per gram

    2550₹ Per gram

    How to Use Gold for Quick Cash in Thrissur?

    Many people in Thrissur and other parts of the country are facing a financial crunch due to lost jobs, shut down businesses, and slow economic activities in the country.

    Thrissur households are looking at smart options of getting out of such financially tricky situations by taking a loan against gold on their gold valuables. It saves them from the pain and financial loss of selling their precious gold ornaments and other assets like houses and cars.

    A gold loan is a quickest and most convenient way of arranging cash. Gold loan interest rates are much lower than other debt forms and the documents required for taking a gold loan are very simple.

    Muthoot FinCorp Gold Loans in Thrissur

    Muthoot FinCorp, the most trusted and respected name in the world of gold loans across the country, offers gold loans at one of the lowest interest rates in the city.
    Gold loan interest rates at Muthoot FinCorp in Thrissur start at only 11.99% per annum.

    Eligibility Criteria for Muthoot FinCorp Gold Loans in Thrissur

    Muthoot FinCorp offers gold loans at the most lenient eligibility criteria that most loan applicants easily meet. The eligibility criteria for a Muthoot FinCorp gold loan are as follows:

    • The loan applicant should be between 18 and 65 years of age.
    • The loan applicant should be a resident of India.
    • The gold deposited as collateral by the loan applicant should have a purity between 18 and 24 karats.

    Documents Required for Muthoot FinCorp Gold Loans in Thrissur

    One of the best features of a gold loan is the minimum documentation it requires, unlike other forms of debt. Minimum documentation means a hassle-free loan process for the customer and quick loan processing at the lender’s end.

    For a Muthoot FinCorp gold loan, customers need to submit only their ID and Address proof as documents. There is no requirement for income statements, tax returns copy, or other such documents.

    How to Apply for a Muthoot FinCorp Gold Loan in Thrissur?

    People in Thrissur can apply online or offline for a gold loan at Muthoot FinCorp.
    To apply online, visit the company’s website and fill out the online application form. Submit the required documents and avail a gold loan under the most suitable gold loan scheme.

    Alternatively, customers can locate the nearest Muthoot FinCorp branch on the company’s website and visit the branch. A company executive will help them through the loan procedure.

    To locate the nearest Muthoot FinCorp branch near you in Thrissur, click here.

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