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Today Gold Rate in Delhi: Complete Guide

  • Delhi is one of those cities in India where gold is in heavy demand. People in Delhi use gold for investment, and ornamental purposes. They also use gold to acquire a loan. Gold loans in Delhi are a great source of funds, especially when one is stuck in a tricky financial situation.

    People looking for loans often check the 1 gram gold rate in Delhi on the internet, while it is also available at Muthoot FinCorp…The current rate of gold plays a major role in acquiring a gold loan. The loan amount will be decided according to the real-time price in Delhi. Read on to know more about today’s price of gold in the capital city of India.

    Real-time Price of Gold in Delhi

    Before knowing the gold price in Delhi, consumers should know the varieties of gold available in the market. Gold rates in Delhi are different for each quality of gold. 22Ct and 24Ct gold pieces/bars are more popular in Delhi than any other variety of gold. Karat (Ct) determines the quality of a gold piece and helps in the categorisation of gold. With the help of the Ct value, one can tell the amount of gold in a piece compared to other metals.

    If a gold piece has a higher Ct value, it means the piece has more amount of gold as compared to other metals. 24Ct gold in Delhi is considered the purest form of gold available in the market. Apart from the gold quality, the gold price in Delhi can also differ each day. For example, there can be a difference between gold prices today and tomorrow in Delhi. People can quickly check the real-time gold prices in Delhi on the internet.

    Apart from 24Ct and 22Ct gold in Delhi, one can also look for 18Ct/14Ct gold in Delhi. The prices of gold in Delhi can rise/fall within a day. For example, the price of 24Ct gold in Delhi can differ in the morning and the evening. That is why consumers should check the real-time price of gold in Delhi before taking any action.

    According to the recent trends, Delhi gold prices are gaining momentum in 2022. At the beginning of the year, equity markets suffered significant disruptions. As a result, investors in Delhi looked towards a safe investment like gold. Many people check the gold rate today in Delhi as they want to apply for a gold loan. With Muthoot FinCorp, one can get the best price for their gold in Delhi and secure a gold loan.

    Gold Rate in Delhi in last 12 months

    Last 12 Months

    Highest Gold price (24 karat)

    Lowest Gold price (24 karat)

    June 2022

    5343₹ Per gram

    5203₹ Per gram

    May 2022

    5335₹ Per gram

    5183₹ Per gram

    April 2022

    5480₹ Per gram

    5311₹ Per gram

    March 2022

    5532₹ Per gram

    5225₹ Per gram

    February 2022

    5378₹ Per gram

    4975₹ Per gram

    January 2022

    5046₹ Per gram

    4903₹ Per gram

    December 2021

    5031₹ Per gram

    4911₹ Per gram

    November 2021

    5076₹ Per gram

    4903₹ Per gram

    October 2021

    4979₹ Per gram

    4781₹ Per gram

    September 2021

    4893₹ Per gram

    4733₹ Per gram

    August 2021

    4977₹ Per gram

    4772₹ Per gram

    July 2021

    4997₹ Per gram

    4918₹ Per gram

    Historical Price of Gold Rate in Delhi

    There has been a long-standing tradition of investing in Gold in Delhi. The market price has been affected by several domestic and international factors over the years.

    Last 10 Years

    Highest Gold price (24 karat)

    Lowest Gold price (24 karat)

    Gold Rate in 2021

    5093₹ Per gram

    4625₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2020

    5740₹ Per gram

    4139₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2019

    4024₹ Per gram

    3268₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2018

    3294₹ Per gram

    3033₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2017

    3086₹ Per gram

    2860₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2016

    3248₹ Per gram

    2550₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2015

    2720₹ Per gram

    2580₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2014

    2900₹ Per gram

    2820₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2013

    3010₹ Per gram

    2960₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2012

    2780₹ Per gram

    2690₹ Per gram

    What are Gold Loans in Delhi?

    A gold loan in Delhi is a secured loan that is offered against physical gold. The loan applicant must pledge gold to the lender in Delhi to get a loan against it. The loan amount will depend on the amount of gold pledged to the lender, as per the gold rates per gram in Delhi. Usually, a loan applicant can get up to 75% of the gold value as a loan.

    The borrower can quickly repay the gold loan in pocket-friendly installments. Once the loan amount is repaid, the borrower will get their pledged gold back. With a reliable name like Muthoot FinCorp, people can secure gold loans in no time.

    Why is Muthoot FinCorp the Best for Gold Loans in Delhi?

    The advantages of opting for a gold loan in Delhi with Muthoot FinCorp are as follows:

    • Attractive interest rates on gold loans in Delhi.
    • The hassle-free documentation process for a gold loan in Delhi.
    • Easy/quick disbursal of a gold loan in Delhi.
    • Flexible repayment structure for gold loans in Delhi. Check the gold rate today in Delhi to apply for a loan!
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