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Today Gold Rate in Ernakulam: Complete Guide

  • Ernakulam, the central part of Kochi in Kerala, was the ancient capital of the kingdom of Cochin.

    Ernakulam is a very old city and has been inhabited since the Stone Age. The city played a significant role in maintaining trade relations between Kerala and the rest of the world in the ancient and mediaeval periods.

    Ernakulam has been on an urbanisation spree for the last few decades and is becoming an economic hub.

    With the rising economic activity in Ernakulam, the people here are showing more and more inclination towards buying and keeping gold.

    If you are also planning to buy, sell, or pledge gold in Ernakulam, you should know the today gold rate in Ernakulam, the today gold rate Ernakulam 8 gram, and today gold rate Ernakulam 916.

    Today Gold Rate in Ernakulam

    The gold rate today in Ernakulam may be different from the gold rate yesterday, as gold prices fluctuate every day. Since gold is an expensive commodity, a slight change in the market price of gold can bring a significant change in its price for the buyer or seller.

    Gold Rate in Ernakulam in the last 12 months

    Last 12 Months

    Highest Gold price (24 karat)

    Lowest Gold price (24 karat)

    June 2022

    5352.5₹ Per gram

    5247.5₹ Per gram

    May 2022

    5346₹ Per gram

    5187.5₹ Per gram

    April 2022

    5539.5₹ Per gram

    5319.5₹ Per gram

    March 2022

    5542.5₹ Per gram

    5245.5₹ Per gram

    February 2022

    5392.5₹ Per gram

    4963.5₹ Per gram

    January 2022

    5052.5₹ Per gram

    4910.5₹ Per gram

    December 2021

    5034₹ Per gram

    4910.5₹ Per gram

    November 2021

    5112.5₹ Per gram

    4900.5₹ Per gram

    October 2021

    4973.5₹ Per gram

    4877.5₹ Per gram

    September 2021

    4878.5₹ Per gram

    4730.5₹ Per gram

    August 2021

    4986.5₹ Per gram

    4773.5₹ Per gram

    July 2021

    4995.5₹ Per gram

    4919₹ Per gram

    Historical Price of Gold Rate in Ernakulam

    There has been a long-standing tradition of investing in Gold in Ernakulam. The market price has been affected by several domestic and international factors over the years.

    Last 10 Years

    Highest Gold price (24 karat)

    Lowest Gold price (24 karat)

    Gold Rate in 2021

    3840₹ Per gram

    3288₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2020

    4056₹ Per gram

    3560₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2019

    2912₹ Per gram

    2344₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2018

    2376₹ Per gram

    2176₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2017

    2272₹ Per gram

    2072₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2016

    2332₹ Per gram

    1944₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2015

    2056₹ Per gram

    1908₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2014

    2268₹ Per gram

    2000₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2013

    2280₹ Per gram

    2008₹ Per gram

    Gold Rate in 2012

    2416₹ Per gram

    2008₹ Per gram

    How to Use Gold for Quick Cash in Ernakulam?

    People of Ernakulam have a penchant for gold, and buying and selling gold is common here. Lately, they have started using gold smartly to get quick cash when there is an urgent need for funds.

    Getting a loan against gold has several advantages. The biggest advantage of a gold loan is that the borrower does not have to permanently part ways with his precious gold belongings. He can use the gold lying idle with him to get urgent funds and can pay back the loan to get his gold valuables back intact.

    While there are several local jewellers with whom one can pledge the gold for a loan, they may not be a reliable option. Instead, the people of Ernakulam can take a gold loan from a renowned and trusted name like Muthoot FinCorp.

    Muthoot FinCorp offers gold loans in Ernakulam for the most reasonable interest rates starting at only 11.99% per annum under different loan schemes. These schemes have been customised keeping the customers’ needs a priority.
    Muthoot FinCorp gold loans are available for low processing charges ranging from Rs. 20 to 0.25% of the loan amount and no hidden charges to burden the customer.

    Gold loans at Muthoot FinCorp are granted based on the weight and purity of the gold you pledge. Even a person with a low income or a bad credit score can get a gold loan from Muthoot FinCorp, which aims at providing financial help through gold loans reachable to more and more people.

    How to Get a Gold Loan from Muthoot FinCorp in Ernakulam?

    Muthoot FinCorp has made gold loans easy for the people of Ernakulam. The gold loan eligibility criteria with Muthoot FinCorp are simple, and the documents required for loan processing are easy to arrange.

    Customers can apply online or offline for a gold loan at Muthoot FinCorp in Ernakulam. To apply online, visit the Muthoot FinCorp website or download the mobile app and fill out the online application form. To apply offline, locate your nearest Muthoot FinCorp branch here, and visit the branch to complete the loan application procedure.

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