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  • Although there are some positive signs of recovery across industries and sectors, it is a fact that the pandemic is still raging in the country and there are businesses that are in dire need of capital to get back on their feet. There are also many business opportunities that have arisen due to the drastic changes in the way we work and operate in this new normal.

    If you’re an entrepreneur who is keen on investing in a new venture but needs some financial support to get started, Gold Loans may be the fastest and easiest option. For centuries, gold has been a traditional asset that has stood the test of time. And even today, it continues to outperform other options in the market.

    At Muthoot FinCorp, we believe in empowering and enabling business owners, entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers, and the common man. Our Restart India initiative is reaching out to people from every walk of life to help them stay afloat or start afresh. We’re also giving interest-free Gold Loans as a special offer to make it even easier for people and small businesses to get quick access to credit.

    Benefits of Loan Against Gold

    Quick Approval & Disbursement

    Gold Loans have one of the fastest processing rates in the country. Since their guarantee is backed by physical gold, lenders are quick to approve these loans. Today, with the advancement of technology, you can even apply for an online Gold Loan at Muthoot FinCorp and get it approved within no time. One can simply feed information to a Gold Loan calculator and get a good estimate of the Gold Loan per gram or Gold Loan EMI one may have to pay. Need some quick capital to infuse in your business? There’s hardly any loan facility that’s faster and better than Gold Loan.

    Lower Interest Rates and Fees

    Interest rates associated with Gold Loans are lower and totally depend on the Gold Loan tenure and Gold Loan amount. Moreover, the processing fee subjected to the Gold Loan rate is also low or nil. Also, your credit history is not an issue when it comes to gold finance. Unlike in banks, where your loan application may be rejected due to a bad or flagged credit history.

    Streamlined Documentation Process

    For any conventional loan, a borrower has to go through cumbersome processes and formalities that might be a hassle for many. Not to mention the extensive documentation that takes place for the same. However, Gold Loans require minimalistic documentation. These loans are also flexible. You can also get loans on a per gram basis. At Muthoot FinCorp, we make sure that availing of Gold Loan is like a walk in the park for you, easy and effortless.

    Complete Security for Your Gold

    What comes as an added benefit with Gold Loans is that your Gold is always kept secure & insured. At Muthoot FinCorp, your Gold ornaments are stored in secured vaults, and Gold owners don’t have to worry about anything. Sit back and relax, your gold is in safe and trusted hands. Hence, not only you can leverage your gold with low-interest loans, but also make sure it’s safe. It’s a win-win.

    Easy Repayment

    Do you know Gold Loan borrowers can choose to repay in multiple options? You can also pay back your Gold Loan in regular monthly installments. You can visit the Muthoot FinCorp official website and get a quote or estimate installments through the Gold Loan EMI calculator. The tenure of a Gold Loan typically varies from a few days to three years in duration. You can also pay only interest during the loan tenure and choose to pay back the sum at the end of the mandate.

    For most Indians, gold has always remained a preferred medium of investment. With the advent of NBFCs and the rise of the Gold Loan industry in the country, anyone with physical gold can go for personal and business Gold Loans hassle-free. Want to infuse some money in your start-up or toying with a business idea, Gold Loan has got you covered. We will eagerly wait to help you get restarted.

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