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Chaaya Sanjay Bilhare

Chaaya Sanjay Bilhare
Chaaya Sanjay Bilhare

Chaaya Sanjay Bilhare

My name is Chaaya Sanjay Bilhare, I live in Kasa Ambori Taluka, of Pune District. I own a shop named “Devman” which we started on Gudipadwa (Maharashtrian New Year). I wanted to buy a two-wheeler for my business like this but was unable to buy. It was then when my friend Sujata told me about Muthoot Blue and their quick & easy 2 Wheeler Loan.

Muthoot Blue 2 wheeler loans have less rate of interest as compared to other banks and I bought my new scooter with entire formalities just taking 2-3 working days. I am thankful to Blue Muthoot for helping me in the time of need.

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Beware of fraudulent job consultants

It has been brought to our notice that certain individuals are receiving fraudulent emails, phone calls, and messages, etc, about job vacancies with Muthoot FinCorp and they are also being asked to deposit money in certain bank accounts.

Please be informed that such communications and practices are completely mala fide and sent with an intent to defraud the public and bring disrepute to the goodwill of our Company. Our Company does not ever demand any fee/money against recruitment nor for the application/interview process.

The public at large is hereby cautioned not to be misled by any such communications received through emails, message or any other communication mode.

Please contact us for further information about the genuineness or otherwise of such communications at:

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