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What documents do I need to produce?

Original proof of identification. Any of the following are acceptable:

  • Passport
  • Govt of India election ID card with address proof
  • PAN card and address proof
  • Driver's licence
  • Any Govt departmental ID card
  • We are bound by and follow KYC norms as per the regulator's guidelines

Interest Rate structure*

Scheme Default Interest Slab Period/s Kerala Other States
Express Gold loan
-Kerala & Outside Kerala- upto Rs 200000
(Max. Tenor 9 months)
Upto 1 month 22% 22%
>1 upto 3 months 24% 24%
>3 upto 6 months 27% 27%
>6 months 30% 30%
Express Gold loan -
Outside Kerala Abv Rs. 200000/
( Max. Tenor 9 months)
Upto 3 months - 27%
> 3 upto 6 months - 27%
>6 months - 30%
Multi Interest Product (MIP)
M14 - 70% of LTV Maximum amount-
Upto Rs 50000
Upto 1 month 14% 14%
>1 upto 3 months 17% 17%
>3 upto 6 months 21% 21%
>6 upto 12 months 24% 24%
> 12 months 27% 27%
Multi Interest Product (MIP ) M18-
80% OF LTV Maximum amount-
Upto Rs 300000/-
Upto 3 months 18% 18%
> 3 upto 6 months 22% 22%
>6 upto 12 months 24% 24%
> 12 months 27% 27%
Multi Interest Product (MIP) M 22 - 90% OF LTV
Maximum amount-As per approval
Upto 5 months 22% 22%
> 5 months upto 12 months 24% 24%
> 12 months 27% 27%
Additional interest @ 12% p.a. on defaulted interest will be charged if exceeding 12 months under MIP scheme.
Max. Tenor for all MIP products is 12 months.
Muthoot Special Gold loan (MSGL)-
Minimum- Rs 2,00,000
(Max. Tenor is 6 months)
Upto 3 months 15% 15%
> 3 upto 6 months 17% 17%
>6 months 20% 20%
Processing charges Rs 1000 + Serv Tax      
Special 16-
Minimum-Rs 1,00,000
Maximum- Rs 1,99,999
(Max. Tenor 6 months)
Upto 3 months 16% 16%
  > 3 upto 5 months 20% 20%
  > 5 upto 6 months 22% 22%
In the event of default ,Additional interest at the rate of 3% per month will apply on the defaulted EMI for the defaulted no. of days Pre Closure charges applicable .
Vyapar Mitra -
Minimum -Rs 10000
Maximum- Rs 5,00,000
Upto 1 month 18% 18%
>1 upto 2 months 22% 22%
>2 upto 3 months 24% 24%
>3 upto 6 months 27% 27%
> 6 months 30% 30%
Processing fee 0.05% of loan amount subject to a maximum of Rs 100/-
(charged only for the first pledge)
Traders Flexi Gold loan (TFL) 0-30 days 22% 22%
31-90 days 24% 24%
91-180days 27% 27%
Minimum Amount Rs.50000
(Max. Tenor 6 months)
Abv180 days 30% 30%
1. Interest is charged on Monthly compounding basis for Express Gold loan & Special 16. For others it will be on ab initio basis from the beginning.
2. In all cases interest slab will shift back to original rate at which the loan was availed if interest is paid up to date along with additional charges if any from the date of clearance of default
3. Service Taxes as applicable will be collected extra along with processing fee.
MSME loans
SME Loan- (Hypothecation of Stock )
Minimum : Rs 5,000
Maximum : Rs 50,000
24%p.a Repayment through daily installment (EDI) collected in 104 business days.
Customer will be charged a default rate of 3%per month on the defaulted EDI amount for delayed number of days, if the EDI is not paid every day.
Processing charges : Rs.300+Serv Tax.
Collection cum Service Charge: 1% of loan amount
or Rs.150 whichever is higher.
Suvidha Loan- ( Short term business loan)
Minimum : Rs 5,000
Maximum: Rs 15,000
24%p.a Repayment through daily installment (EDI) collected in 104 business days.
Customer will be charged a default rate of 3%per month on the defaulted EDI amount for delayed number of days, if the EDI is not paid every day.
Processing charges :Rs.150/- Serv. Tax
Collection cum Service Charge: 1% of loan amount or Rs.150 whichever is lower.

Processing charges :Rs.150/- Serv. Tax
Collection cum Service Charge: 1% of loan amount or Rs.150 whichever is lower.

* All interest rates mentioned are p.a only

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What is Gold Loan?

Loan granted against security of gold ornaments is commonly called as Gold Loan.

Who is eligible to avail a Gold Loan?

Any individual above the age of 18, can avail a Gold loan by submitting the required gold ornaments for pledging and by providing necessary KYC documents.

Do I need a guarantor?

No guarantor required.. The only security required to avail a gold loan is the gold ornaments to be pledged

What is the minimum/maximum tenor of the gold loan?

The minimum tenor for our gold loan is 1 day and maximum tenor for our gold loan is varies from scheme to scheme each loan has a different tenor (please refer to table below).

What type of gold can I pledge to avail the gold loan?

You can pledge any type of gold jewelry / gold ornaments with us. This includes items such as necklaces, rings, bracelets etc. We cannot take gold coins / bars for pledging purpose.

How can I repay my loan? What different options are available for the repayment?

Our gold loans can be repaid in a flexible manner. You can repay the loan at any of our branches by cash or cheque. Or through RTGS facility. We have recently launched E Pay facility which is an online payment facility where the customer can pay by Debit card or net banking.

Can partial payment be made for the gold loan?

Yes you can do partial payments or bullet payments as per your convenience till completion of loan tenor.

How and when can I get back the pledged gold jewellery /ornaments?

You can collect the pledged gold after making complete repayment of the loan from the branch where it has been pledged. Failure to repay the loan will result in Muthoot Fincorp Ltd. forced to settle the dues through Auction process after sending due and timely intimations to customers and through public notifications in newspaper

What is the minimum limit on your gold loan?

The minimum amount of our gold loan is Rs 1000/- or loan equivalent to 2 grams of gold pledged as per latest LTV . Daily LTV is uploaded in our site.

Is there any maximum amount restriction?

No, there is no restriction on maximum gold loan subject to necessary approvals.

Why should I take Gold loan from Muthoot Fincorp Ltd. when there are other loan options available?

Gold is one of the most liquid precious metals and a customer can avail Gold loan when there is a need. Gold loan is now being preferred by many of our customers due to variety of reasons, primarily:

  • Quick loan approvals and disbursals, with minimal documentation and formalities
  • It is one of most convenient loan to be availed in case of emergency
  • Easily available asset with most of households in India.
  • Multitude of loan options available with higher LTV
  • Greater accessibility due to better penetration.
  • Convenient Hours of operation
  • Flexibility – provision of very small and large loan amounts

What are the benefits of taking a Gold Loan from Muthoot Fincorp Ltd.?

  • Quick Loan disbursal
  • Pre-payment /Part payment options available -without any penalty
  • Minimal documentation
  • Instant Gold evaluation
  • Strong rooms for providing safe custody for gold ornaments

Is my Gold jewelry /ornaments safe with Muthoot Fincorp Ltd.?

Yes it is. We understand the sentiment attached to your ornaments and therefore we are storing your gold ornaments in safes under dual locking facility inside strong rooms .We also have installed CCTV cameras to enable round the clock surveillance in our branches.

How can I apply for a Gold Loan with Muthoot Fincorp Ltd.?

You can avail Gold Loan by just walking into any of our branches with Gold ornaments of required purity .The customer service executives in our counters will collect your KYC documents and guide you through the rest of the process.

How much can I expect for my gold?

This depends on the rate of gold (applicable Loan to Value rate- LTV) on that date and the purity of gold ornaments. Please contact your nearest MFL branch for right information in this regard.

How can I contact Muthoot Fincorp Ltd. if I need more information?

You can reach us at 1800 102 1616, (call center) or click here for contact us page. You can also get to know us better or voice your opinions/ views on our Facebook and twitter pages

Multi Interest Gold Loan MUTHOOT MULTI INTEREST PRODUCT Muthoot Multi Interest Gold Loan

This product is designed for retail customers who want different schemes at different interest rates, which might vary according to collateral value and their specific needs and different interest slab changes.


Schemes LTV* Interest Slab Change Max Loan Amount per Borrower
M 14- 14% p.a. 70% of applicable LTV After 30 days Rs 75000
M 18- 18% p.a. 80% of applicable LTV After 3 months Rs 300000
M 22- 22% p.a. 90% of applicable LTV After 5 months As per approval


M14 M18 M22
  • Across all customer segments.
  • Focuses on customers who are very interest rate sensitive.
  • Best suited for small ticket loans at very low interest
  • Customers who can pay regular interest amount as per the fixed monthly schedule
  • Targeted across all customer segments
  • Customers looking for flexibility in repayment
  • Customers having a quarterly cash flow, esp businessmen
  • Ideal mix of low rate and required LTV
  • No change in interest slab for 3 months
  • Ideal for customers having half yearly cashflow
  • Eg Farmers, Businessmen
  • Constant rate of interest for 5 months
  • 90% of LTV can be availed
  • Primarily for customers who require comparatively higher loan amounts with higher rate per gram


  • Attractive interest slab starting from 14%
  • Option to select from different slabs, different rate per gram and different interest change slabs as per the requirement of customers.
  • Flexible repayment options
    1. Bullet payment of interest and principal
    2. Part payment of interest and principal
  • Payment can be done at any of the MFL branches or through online mode
  • Simple documentation and Quick processing
  • Rates at par with Banks and other Financial institutions


  • Loan tenure – 9 months (270 days) for all the 3 schemes.
  • Repayment can be done on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Bullet payment of principal amount
  • Quick and Hassle-free loan
  • Minimum KYC procedures
  • Part release and part payment towards principal and interest are possible
  • Once registered with 24x7 EGL, customer can get loan from Express Gold loan at anytime from anywhere if there is residual balance in his loan account.


  • Interest and payment towards principal can be made through
    1. Any of the 3500+ MFL branches across India.
    2. Online Payment – Epay (Paytm/Net banking/Debit card)
  • Release can be made only from the branch where the ornament has been pledged.
  • Interest to be serviced monthly
  • Interest is calculated on daily basis; minimum 7 days of interest will be charged.
  • Interest calculated on ab initio basis.
  • If the customer remits all the outstanding dues, the interest rate will shift back to the Original rate at which the loan was availed.
  • If default continues for more than 9 months penal interest at 12% p.a will be charged on total interest outstanding for the entire period.
  • Interest rate charges
    1. MIP 14 - Rs. 1.15 for Rs. 100 per month diminishing per annum.
    2. MIP 18 - Rs. 1.47 for Rs. 100 per month diminishing per annum.
    3. MIP 22 - Rs. 1.80 for Rs. 100 per month diminishing per annum.


Rs. 10 + Service Tax per pledge irrespective of new or repeat pledge.
[(10 + (10x18%))= 10+1.8 =11.8 rounded to Rs. 12]


MIP 14 Interest Rate MIP 18 Interest Rate MIP 22 Interest Rate
0 to 30 days 14% 0 to 90 days 18% 0 to 150 days 22%
31 to 90 days 17% 91 to 180 days 22% 151 to 270 days 24%
91 to 180 days 21% 181 to 270 days 24% Above 270 days 27%
181-270 days 24% Above 270 days 27%
Above 270 days 27%

Auction notice & Reminders

Every month before the payment due date a message would be sent to the concerned customer’s registered mobile number mentioning the due date for payment. Branch should ensure the customer is intimated about renewing the pledge with current rate.

Month Type of Notice
3 months Ordinary notice
5.5 months
7.5 months Registered notice
8 months Auction notice
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